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The Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Merced is dedicated to the education of a new generation of engineers and researchers in areas related to mechanical engineering while being exposed to state-of-the-art research techniques, methodologies and equipment to solve problems that are relevant to modern society like green energy, surface science, mechanical modeling and synthesis, robotics and mechatronics, control systems, and more.

ME faculty members
ME Faculty
Our faculty members are recognized as leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to advancing society through cutting-edge research and educating the next generation of mechanical engineers...
Sustainable Plasma Gasification
Professor Gerardo Diaz is researching clean and efficient methods of managing waste.
Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation
This multi-disciplinary group researches a broad range of topics including unmanned aerial systems and UAV-personal remote sensing, mechatronics, and modeling and control of renewable energy systems...
Professor Ashli Martini and graduate student Azhar Vellore
Fundamental Tribology
Researchers examine what happens at the interface between components moving in relative motion and apply that understanding to the design of effective and efficient mechanical interfaces.
TEEL lab students and professor
Thermal and Electrochemical Energy Laboratory
TEEL researchers seek to understand thermal management and electrochemistry and apply that knowledge to the design of effective devices.

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Ranked #4 In Social Mobility

75% First-Generation Students

The Mechanical Engineering graduate emphasis engages in individualized, research-based programs of study. ME faculty members strive to provide students with a comprehensive research experience based on the latest developments of the analytical, numerical and experimental tools available in the field.