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Centers, Institutes and Resources

UC Merced is home to a number of innovative research and training centers that offer extraordinary opportunities for graduate students. 

Prospective and current Mechanical Engineeing students have the opportunity to be funded through these centers and be part of training programs their faculty advisers are affiliated with.

Centers and Institutes

CCBM: Center for Cellular and Biomolecular Machines

MACES: Merced nAnomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing

HSRI: Health Sciences Research Institute

UC Solar: UC Advanced Solar Technologies Institute

Center for Chemical Computation and Theory (ccCAT)
Center for Chemical Computation and Theory (ccCAT)

Consortium for High-Energy Density Science (CfHEDS)


UC Merced’s compact campus includes four shared user facilities:

Imaging and Microscopy Facility

Imaging and Microscopy Facility
Environmental Analytical Lab
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Lab
Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry/Microfabrication Facility
Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry

All research groups campus-wide have access to the MERCED High Performance Computing Cluster.

In addition, some faculty have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and the synchrotron facilities at Advanced Light Source and at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Training Programs