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Mechanical Engineering Seminars — Spring 2022

January 31st (Monday)

Speaker: Dr. Basilio Lenzo (University of Padua)

Title: Torque Vectoring for Electric Vehicles


Flyer PDF: Seminar Flyer (Dr. Basilio Lenzo)


Mechanical Engineering Seminars — Fall 2021

Seminars take place from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Fridays through zoom.


August 27th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Ning Ye (Western Digital)

Title: Challenges in Mechanical-Thermal Design of Flash Products


Flyer PDF:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Ning Ye)

Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Ning Ye)


September 3rd (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Maria Thomsen (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez)

Title: Buoyancy Effects on Material Flammability


Flyer PDF:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Maria Thomsen)


September 8th (Wednesday)

Speaker: (Bilkent University)

Title: Modeling cyber-physical human systems via an interplay between reinforcement learning and game theory


PDF of Flyers:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Yildiray Yildiz)

Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Yildiray Yildiz)


September 10th (Friday)

Speaker: Jonathan D. Posner (University of Washington)

Title: Human-centered design of a clean, natural draft, cookstove for East Africa


PDF of Flyer:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Jonathan D. Posner)

Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Jonathan D. Posner)


September 17th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Jun Xu (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Title: Multiphysics behaviors of battery safety issues


PDF of Flyers:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Jun Xu)

Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Jun Xu)


September 24th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Jnaneshwar Das (Arizona State University)

Title: Leveraging Robotics and AI for 4D Assessment of Plant and Soil Health


PDF of Flyers:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Jnaneshwar Das)

Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Jnaneshwar Das)


October 1st (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Jekan Thanga (The University of Arizona)

Title: Advancing Swarms Systems for Mitigating Natural Disasters


PDF of Flyers:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Jekan Thanga)

Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Jekan Thanga)


October 8th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Wenbing Yun (Sigray, Inc.)

Title: Holistically Optimized Laboratory XAS Systems


PDF of Flyers: Seminar Flyer (Dr. Wenbing Yun)


October 15th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Jinkyu Yang (University of Washignton) 

Title: Origami and Topology: Two Powerful Ingredients for Designing Mechanical Metamaterials

Location: CLSSRM 110

PDF of Flyers:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. Jinkyu Yang)

Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Jinkyu Yang)


October 22nd (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Xianglan Bai (Iowa State University)

Title:  Value-added Productions from Low-cost Sustainable Feedstocks



October 29th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. SungWoo Nam (University of California, Irvine)

Title: Mechanically-coupled Properties in Van der Waals Materials

Location: CLSSRM 110

Flyer PDF:

Seminar Flyer (Dr. SungWoo Nam)


November 4th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Lin Fu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Title: Progress on predicting the hypersonic wall-bounded turbulence

Zoom link:

Flyer PDF: Seminar Flyer (Dr. Lin Fu)


November 10th (Wednesday)

Speaker: Dr. Harry E. Martz, Jr.  (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Title: Overview of and Research at LLNL’s Nondestructive Characterization Institute

Zoom link:

Flyer PDF: Seminar Flyer (Dr. Harry Martz)


November 12th (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Po-Ya Abel Chuang (University of California, Merced)

Title: Electrocatalytic Materials and Design: towards Hydrogen Energy Sustainability

Location: CLSSRM 110

Flyer PDF: Seminar Flyer (Dr. Abel Chuang)


November 19th 

Speaker: Dr. Paulo Tabuada  (University of California, Los Angeles)

Title: Deep Neural Networks, Universal Approximation, and Geometric Control

Zoom link:

Flyer PDF: ME Seminar Flyer (Dr. Paulo Tabuada)


December 3rd

Speaker: Dr. Bihter Padak  (University of California, Irvine)

Title: Chemical Looping Combustion for Carbon Capture

Zoom link:

Seminar Flyer PDF: ME Seminar Flyer (Dr. Bihter Padak)

Coffee Hour Flyer PDF: Coffee Hour Flyer (Dr. Bihter Padak)