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Mechanical Engineering Seminars — Fall 2023

Fridays -- 10:30-11:45am -- Classroom Office Building 1 - room 110


Speaker's Name


Seminar Title/Topic

Aug 25



Introductory meeting

Sep 1

Cristina Riso

Georgia Tech

Predicting and Constraining Aeroelastic Limit-Cycle Oscillations

Sep 8

Natascha Trellinger Buswell

UC Irvine

The who, what, and how of equitable and inclusive engineering classrooms

Sep 15

Alper Erturk

Georgia Tech

Leveraging vibrations, nonlinear dynamics, and wave phenomena: from energy harvesting and bioinspiration to metamaterials and ultrasound delivery

Sep 22

Mesbah Uddin

Univ. N. Carolina at Charlotte

Insight into the Aerodynamics of NASCAR Racers

Sep 29

Postdoc panel


Panel discussion about postdoc as a career step

Oct 6

James Palko

UC Merced

How porous media enables performance of many engineered systems

Oct 13

James Gibert

Purdue University

Mechanical Metamaterials Seeking Synergy Dynamic Performance and Sensing through Configuration, Composition and Programmability

Oct 20

Alina Alexeenko

Purdue University

Nonequilibrium Flows & Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Oct 27

Borys Drach


Additive Manufacturing and Biomechanics Research and Outreach Activities at the NMSU CEMMS Lab

Nov 3

Turgut Gür

Stanford Univ.
(ECS President)

High Temperature Ceramic Fuel Cells for Zero-Carbon Power Generation

Nov 10

Veterans Day Holiday


Nov 17

Andres F. Arrieta Diaz

Purdue University

The mechanics and applications of hierarchically multistable metastructures: from shape adaptation to information processing

Nov 24

Thanksgiving Holiday


Dec 1

Douglas Cook


Adventures in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Dec 8