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Thermal & Electrochemical Energy Devices

The goal of the UC Merced Thermal and Electrochemical Energy Laboratory (TEEL) is to fundamentally understand thermal management and electrochemistry and apply that understanding to design of effective devices like loop heat pipe and fuel cell.

To function smoothly, many devices require effective thermal management, which includes heating and cooling. Loop heat pipe is a completely passive, two-phase heat transfer device, which can transport high heat flux over a certain distance. It is being applied in space and terrestrial applications.

A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy directly to electricity through electrochemical reaction. It is one of the most promising solutions for zero emission and to be energy independent. Fuel cells can be used as the energy source for transportation, stationary, and portable applications.

Our current research topics and future research plans include:

Fuel Testing and Characterization

Fuel Testing

Fuel Cell Diagnostic and Modeling

Modeling graphic

MEA Design, Processing, and Integration


Renewable System Study

Study of System Integration including electrolyzer, battery, fuel cell for energy generation and storage including combined heat and power system, unmanned aerial vehicle, solar powered renewable energy system, etc.

Study of Life Cycle Analysis for fuel cell vehicle, renewable power system, etc.

Loop Heat Pipe Simulation

Study of Steady-State Loop Heat Pipe performance by simulation of two-phase heat transfer and fluid flow.



This research is being led by the Thermal and Electrochemical Energy Laboratory (PI: Dr. Abel Chuang)