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Seminar Archive

Fall 2018

August. 31 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Barbaros Çetin, Bilkent University

Title: Microfluidic Systems for Bio-particle Manipulation


Sep. 7 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Amir Ghazanfari, San Jose State University

Title: Freeform Fabrication: From Freezing to Firing


Sep. 14 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Guillermo Aguilar, University of California, Riverside

Title: Some of the many things we can do with laser light aimed at biological tissue


Sep. 21 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Chen Li, University of South Carolina

Title: Some Highlights of Research in Microchannel Flow Boiling


Sep. 28 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Timothy Fisher, University of California, Los Angeles

Title: Practice Your Scales! Thermal, Energy, and Bio Nanomaterials for Fast Processes


Oct. 5 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Yong Shuai, Harbin Institute of Technology

Title: Simultaneous reconstruction of the 3D temperature field and radiative properties of flame using the light-field imaging technique


Oct. 13 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Zhen Li, Brown University

Title: Theory of Coarse-Graining and Mesoscopic Methods Applied to Multiscale Problems


Oct. 19 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Juhao Wu, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Title: Thermal-Mechanical-Optical Effects in Free Electron Laser X-Ray Pulse Interacting with Thin-Layer Crystal


Oct. 26 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor David Jassby, University of California, Los Angeles

Title: Electrochemistry at the Membrane/Water Interface


Nov. 2 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Yeh-Hung Lai, General Motors

Title: Automotive PEM Fuel Cell Technology – an Industrial Research Perspective on the Durability of Proton Exchange Membranes


Nov. 9 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Daniel Cooper, University of Michigan

Title: TBA


Nov. 16 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Ali Erdemir, Argonne National Laboratory

Title: Frontiers of Novel Nanomaterials and Coatings for Friction and Wear Control


Nov. 30 (Friday)

Speaker: Professor Suneel Kodambaka, University of California, Los Angeles

Title: TBA


Dec. 7 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Urban, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title: TBA



Fall 2017

Sep. 1 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Barbara Linke, UC Davis

Title: Controlling manual grinding operations with applications for food processing equipment


Sep. 8 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Junmin Wang, Ohio State University

Title: Smart Mobility: Vehicle Energy Efficiency and Driving Safety Enhancements through Intelligence


Sep. 15 (Fri)

Speaker: Dr. Myeong-Lok Seol, NASA Ames Research Center

Title: Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Next-Generation Mechanical Energy Harvesting


Sep. 22 (Fri)

Speaker: Dr. Xi Wang, UC Berkeley 

Title: Dynamically tunable optical devices 


Sep. 29 (Fri)

Speaker: Dr. Danny Perez, Staff Scientist at Los Alamos National Lab.

Title: Massively-Parallel Techniques for Atomistic Simulations over Long Timescales 


Oct. 6 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Dave Auslander, UC Berkeley

Title: Physics (Mechanics) for Engineers: What Century Are We In?  


Oct. 13 (Fri)

Speaker: Dr. Shibing Liu, Hyperloop One Co.

Title: Hyperloop One -A New Mode of Transportation 


Oct. 20 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Gregory Chirikjian, Johns Hopkins University

Title: Stochastic Models in Robotics 


Oct. 27 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Satish Kandlikar, Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: New understanding of the heat transfer mechanisms during pool and flow boiling and its application in boiling enhancement 


Nov. 3 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Yuwen Zhang, University of Missouri

Title: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Selective Laser Sintering 


Nov. 17 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Benedetto Marelli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title: Structural biopolymers – using Nature’s building blocks as an inspiration for advanced manufacturing


Nov. 30 (Thur, SE2-224)

Speaker: Prof. Sandip Mazumder, Ohio State University

Title: Size Effects on Thermal Conductivity 


Dec. 1 (Fri)

Speaker: Prof. Bill Goodwine, Univerisity of Notre Dame

Title: TBA



Fall 2016

Dec. 9 (Fri)
Speaker: Prof. Van P. Carey, UC Berkeley

Title: TBD


Nov. 28 (Mon, 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm, SE2-302)
Speaker: Prof. Baowen Li, University of Colorado, Boulder
Title: Heat Control by Phononic Thermal Circuits and Thermal Metamaterials


Nov. 18 (Fri)
Speaker: Prof. Wojciech Lipinski, Australian National University, Canberra

Title: Advances in high-temperature solar energy conversion


Nov. 10 (Thur, 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm, SE2-302)
Speaker: Prof. Peter Hosemann, UC Berkeley

Title: Small scale mechanical testing evaluating structural materials for nuclear application: Challenge and opportunity


Nov. 7 (Mon, 11:00 pm - noon, SE2-220)
Speaker: Harish Charan

Title: An Atomistic study of driven-dissipative strongly coupled dusty plasmas


Nov. 4 (Fri)
Speaker: Dr. Ravi Prasher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title: Science and Engineering of Thermal Energy Materials and Devices: From Solid-State Engines to High-Energy Density Thermal Storage


Oct. 27 (Thur; COB 129, 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm)
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Dellacorte, NASA Glenn Research Center
Title: NiTi Alloys for Tribological Applications: In Situ Nanotechnology


Oct. 21(Fri)
Speaker: Prof. N. Sukumar, University of California, Davis

Title: "Partition of unity finite element method for ab initio electronic-structure calculations"


Oct. 14
Speaker: Dr. Adam Weber, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Title: TBA


Oct. 7
Speaker: Prof. Michael Jenkins, California State University, Fresno

Title: Next generation nuclear power and the need for test standards, design codes, and data bases for ceramic matrix composites


Sep. 23
Speaker: Dr. Kan Zha, Sandia National Laboratory

Title: Optical Diagnostics in Direct-Injection, Swirl-Supported Diesel Engines


Sep. 16
Speaker: Dr. Fan Yang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title: Heat Transfer in Strongly Correlated Metals and Nanomaterials


Sep. 9
Speaker: Prof. Igor Podlubny, Tech Univ of Kosice, Slovakia

Title: Fractional-Order Modelling: Advances and Challenges


Aug. 26
Speaker: Prof. Shihua Li, Southeast University, China

Title: Theory and Application on Disturbance Observation and Compensation Based Motion Control Method



Spring 2016

Apr. 22
Speaker: Prof. Roland Winston, University of California, Merced
Title: Concentrating light with strings and flow-lines


Apr. 15
Speaker: Prof. Chris Santangelo, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Title: The mechanics of origami


Mar. 4
Speaker: Prof. David Steigmann, University of California, Berkeley

Title: Coupled-field problems in the mechanics and physics of lipid bilayers



Spring 2015

Dec. 4

Speaker: Prof. James Chagdes, Miami University

Title: A nonlinear dynamics perspective on maintaining balance under destabilizing effects


Nov. 20
Speaker: Prof. Tina Katopodes Chow, University of California Berkeley

Title: High-resolution atmospheric boundary layer simulations for wind energy applications


Nov. 13
Speaker: Dr. Neil Benjamin, Lam Research Corporation

Title: Around the world of RF-Plasma generation (in 80 demi-minutes)


Nov. 6
(Joint seminar with Applied Math graduate group and will be held in COB 110, 3:30 – 4:30 pm)

Speaker: Dr. Dan White, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Title: Computational Design of Optimization of Electromagnetic Metamaterials


Oct. 23
Speaker: Dr. Art Wagner, San Jose State University

Title: Control of moving coil actuators in disk drives: c. 1980 to 2015


Oct. 16
Speaker: Dr. Haitao Xiang, The Climate Corporation

Title: Transforming agriculture with data-driven digital tools


Oct. 9
Speaker: Dr. Virginia P. Altoe, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title: Sliding wear of a single asperity: AFM/TEM based studies


Oct. 2
Speaker: Dr. Scott Wilks, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Title: Fast ignition: An alternative route to inertial confinement fusion


Sept. 25
Speaker: Prof. Todd Lillian, Texas Tech University

Title: Simulation reveals the dynamics of supercoiled DNA


Sept. 18
Speaker: Dr. Shankar Sankararaman, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.

Title: An Efficient Framework for Uncertainty Quantification and Management in Computational Science and Engineering


Sept. 14
(Joint seminar with BEST graduate group and will be held in COB 267, 12:15 – 1:15 pm)

Speaker: Prof. Gregory B. McKenna, Texas Tech University

Title: Nanomechanical Measurements in Polymers: Bubble Inflation and Nanoindentation


Sept. 11
Speaker: Dr. Ankur Agarwal, Applied Materials Inc.

Title: Role of Modeling in Developing Plasma Processing Technologies for Semiconductor Industry



Spring 2014

April 9

Title: "Collaborative Energy Management and Control - An occupant-engaged building control system"

Speaker: Zhen Song, Research Scientist, Siemens Corporate Research



Fall 2013

Dec. 6

Title: Fractional-Order Models of Anomalous Diffusion: Memory, Non-locality and Entropy

Speaker: Richard L. Magin, Department of Bioengineering, University of Illinois at Chicago


Nov. 22

Title: Finite crystal elasticity of nano and continuum rods

Speaker: Ajeet Kumar, Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), New Delhi, India


Nov. 15

Title: Colloids near Electrodes: Effects of Electrolyte, Transitions in Order, and Bifurcations in Height

Speaker:William D. Ristenpart, Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of California Davis


Nov. 1

Title: Consensus in Networks: Coordination and Control of Cyber Physical Systems from Unmanned Vehicles to Energy Efficient Buildings

Speaker: Kevin L. Moore, Dean, College of Engineering and Computational Sciences, Colorado School of Mines


Sept. 27

Title: All-in-One Devices for More than Moore Era

Speaker: Jin-Woo Han, Center for Nanotechnology, NASA Ames Research Center



Fall 2012

Dec. 7

Title: Heat Transfer in Graphene and Nanocrystalline Materials

Speaker: Chris Dames Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley


Nov. 16

Title: Nanomechanics of Silica Nanowires via Finite Element Method Simulations

Speaker: Miguel Fernando Diaz Moreno (Advisor: Lilian Davila)


Nov. 9

Title: Modeling Thermal Fluctuations of Bio-Filaments with Kirchhoff Rods

Speaker: Nitish Ratan Appanasamy (Advisor: Sachin Goyal)


Nov. 2

Title: Oscillations and Internal Hydrodynamic Flows of a Droplet in AC Electrowetting

Speaker: Dr. Zhen Li (Advisor: Yanbao Ma)


Oct. 26

Title: Atomic Friction on Graphene

Speaker: Mr. Zhijiang Ye (Advisor: Ashlie Martini)


Oct. 19

Title: Modeling and Simulation of Ballistic Heat Transfer

Speaker: Yanbao Ma


Oct. 12

Title: Soft Contact Lens Hydrogel Friction and other Challenging Measurements in Experimental Tribology

Speaker: Daniel J. Dickrell III, University of Florida


Oct. 5

Title: Investigation on Vortex-Induced Vibration Models and Energy Harnessing Possibilities

Speaker: Yousef Naranjani (Advisor: JQ Sun)


Sept. 28

Title: Self-assembly of Carbon Nanotubes, C60 and graphene nanostructures for photovoltaic applications

Speaker: Mr. Chun Tang (Advisor: Ashlie Martini)


Sept. 21

Title: Empirical Model Development and Atomistic Simulation of Silver Tantalate as a Solid Lubricant

Speaker: Mr. Hongyu Gao (Advisor: Ashlie Martini)


Sept. 14

Title: Optimization of the Fuzzy Controller for an Implantable Insulin Delivery System

Speaker: Mr. Yousef Sardahi (Advisor: JQ Sun)