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We resume our departmental graduate seminar in Fall 2020.



Mechanical Engineering Seminars — Fall 2019

Seminars take place from 2:00 to 3:20 p.m. Fridays at CLSSRM 110 unless otherwise noted.


August. 30 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Sara Dadras, Ford Motors

Title: Automated Driving Applications


Sep. 6 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Matt Wraith, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Title: Career Possibilities at LLNL and Metals Additive Manufacturing


Sep. 11 (1:30 pm, Wednesday)

Speaker: Prof. Robert Carpick, University of Pennsylvania

Title: Nanoscale Mechanisms Controlling Friction, Adhesion, and Lubrication Using in situ Approaches


Sep. 20 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Min Hwan Lee, UC Merced

Title: Atomic/Nano-scale Engineering for Fuel Cell Catalysis


Sep. 27 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Michael Pettes, Los Alamos National Lab

Title: Strain and Isotopic Effects in Two-Dimensional WSe2


Oct. 4 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Frank Talke, UC San Diego

Title: Materials, Mechanics, and Design Problems in Medical Device Technology and Information Storage


Oct. 11 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Om Agrawal, Southern Illinois University

Title: Fractional Derivatives and Their Applications


Oct. 18 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Yoonjin Won, UC Irvine

Title: Thermal Material Architectures at the Nanoscale


Oct. 25 (Friday)

Speaker: Dr. Michal Bajdich, Stanford Linear Accelerator Lab (SLAC)

Title:  Computational Electrochemistry and Machine Learning for Sustainable Energy


Nov. 1 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Albert C.J. Luo, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Title: Analytical Periodic Motions to Chaos in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems


Nov. 8 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Xiaochun Li, UCLA

Title: Nanotechnology Enabled Metals Manufacturing


Nov. 15 (Friday)

Speaker:  Prof. Prabir Barooah, University of Florida

Title: Capacity of flexible residential loads to provide battery-like services to help mitigate volatility of renewable energy sources


Nov. 22 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Yongjie Hu, UCLA



Dec. 6 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Bolin Liao, UC Santa Barbara



Dec. 13 (Friday)

Speaker: Prof. Pang-Chieh Sui, University of Victoria, Canada